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A timeline of Morbid Instinct in 2022

Founded by Jack Holloway in 2018, Morbid Instinct is a film and music production collective and record label based in Brooklyn, NY, specializing in high quality, original music.

Beyond our great musical artists, we make movies, music videos, and film photography.

April saw the official launch of Morbid Instinct, at a party on April 8th, the birthday of Founder / Creative Director Jack Holloway. It was attended by the majority of the creatives in the collective, was DJ’d by Sister Alicia, and was a hell of a good time!

May 1: Jack Holloway released a jazz-funk album called Deepen your Mind.

June 27: Jack released his first book: Hands of Doom: The Apocalyptic Imagination of Black Sabbath, published by Wipf & Stock.

July 10: The first Morbid Instinct showcase concert was held. Hosted by Ellison Cavedo at his garden apartment, it also featured a DJ Sister Alicia, as well performances from Jack, Hallie Stotler, Kavion Sabio, and Dressler Parsons.

July 29: St. Lydia’s Dinner Church hosted a book launch concert in celebration of the release of Hands of Doom. It was also the second Morbid Instinct showcase, featuring Dressler and Sabio, as well as the very talented Sonny Ryan.

August was no less exciting, as Morbid Instinct released a short documentary to accompany Jack's Black Sabbath book, and Jack gave a book talk at Unnameable Books in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn on Sunday the 14th.

September 2: Hallie Stotler released her first EP, Original Songs. It features banjo and vocals by Hannah Leffingwell.

September 22: The Heavens performed at The Delancey in Manhattan.

October 7: Morbid Instinct released the single “Precarious and Tender” by Dressler Parsons.

Halloween: The Heavens performed at The Bowery Electric.

November: Morbid Instinct released three more singles by Dressler.

November 27: Morbid Instinct held its second showcase at Pete’s Candy Store.

December 6: Morbid Instinct released the music video for Dressler’s song, “Precarious and Tender.” It was shot and edited by Ethan Johnson.

December 22: Morbid Instinct released a music video for Hallie Stotler’s fantastically irreverent Christmas song, “Turn the Radio Down.”

Christmas: Morbid Instinct subscribers received a private streaming link for Dressler’s full length album, We Could Have Been Wives.

It was an exceptionally full year, and a tremendous start for Morbid Instinct.

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Morbid Instinct @morbidxinstinct

The Heavens @theheavensmusic

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Dressler Parsons @dresslerparsons

Jack Holloway @jack.amos.holloway

Bandcamp: morbidinstinct.bandcamp.com


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