Despair Sanctuary is a drone metal vigil for all who are weary. Whether you're mourning a profound loss, in the throes of a deep depression, burdened with rage, or struggling to find hope—all are welcome! Immersed in sound, we will make space for negative emotions and hold together what is unbearable alone.

It will feature a curated drone metal playlist, poetry readings, and a live performance by Brooklyn drone metal band Chthonic Rites.

Attendees are also invited to engage in a calming activity during the vigil, such as drawing, coloring, journaling, yoga, and candle lighting. 

Saturday | May 25, 2024 | 8pm
Old First Reformed Church
729 Carroll St, Brooklyn, NY

While it is being hosted by a church, this event is not Christian-specific. It has been made possible by a grant from Interfaith America and is open to people of all backgrounds and outlooks.

Morbid Instinct

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